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Why Outsource your IT Security Needs?




Turning over computer security to an outside firm makes many managers nervous because they must give up direct control of critical systems. But doing so typically brings better security at a lower cost.  Even for organizations that have the financial means to hire their own security staff, it can be a challenge. With IT security being so hot right now, many of the high level security experts are already spoken for.


Fortunately, many of those Security-service firms have those experts in house. Chances are, they employ people who have worked with other companies in your industry facing similar risks and challenges. The best staffs members are usually overly expensive to employ full time because of their high levels of credentials. The upper echelon typically hold ISC2's internationally recognized Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification, have recent IT security centric graduate level degrees and have experience in both the federal and private space.


By employing a IT security firm already employing these security professionals, you pay for only as much service as you require rather than the ongoing costs of a full-time staff and equipment. The size of your bill is typically determined by the number of computers and other devices being monitored or some other measure of the volume of work involved. For a small business, such flexible pricing is often appealing because expenses can grow or shrink along with your business. Beyond potential financial benefits, security-service firms also can help businesses maintain focus on running their companies.



3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Security


Costs: Running an in-house security team means hiring and paying salaries and benefits, creating office space and overall operational costs. By outsourcing security, you pay for services only. It the firms concern to provide for their staffs needs.


Superior Technology and Expertise: When outsourcing security, you hire a company whose sole business is securing other businesses. This means, managed security service providers have the best hardware and software and skilled personnel. Buying such technology or hiring skilled personnel would be expensive and counterproductive for businesses that don’t specialize in security.


Support: Security is a sensitive area and so all managed security service providers offer support all-day, all year as long as the contract is valid. Your business is secured always and time it takes to resolve security issues is minimal.

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